How to use Augmented Reality in Corinth

Augmented Reality can help a lot when it comes to teaching. When you have the right content. With Corinth, you can get both. How can the Augmented Reality Feature help to teach?

It engages!

Augmented reality helps to personalize every discussed topic. Even the difficult ones and therefore to make it more accessible to the children.

With Corinth and AR feature you have two options:

A) In the Selfie mode, you can get a picture of you or a student of yours. Get a picture of you with a dinosaur or a scary spider on your shoulder.

B) In the Reverse mode, you can set every model into familiar surroundings and get abstract topics closer to your students. For example, you can let them examine the model of Knee Joint as a part of their body.

Imagine what would your students say if they saw a prehistoric creature walking through the corridor, a volcano eruption in the middle of a football field or a molecule structure floating in the middle of your classroom?

Augmented reality helps to visualize information and the models in their natural environment. Or you can play with contrasts, intentionally. This way you can prepare engaging puzzles, let students interact with the subject matter and help them to learn with more passion.

Cool, right? So will your students think.

From all of the 650 students who participated in our questionnaire, 98 % percent believe that the models would help them to understand difficult topics and 97 % think it would make learning more exciting.

And what’s even better?

You don’t need anything special, no special glasses, no complicated headset. Just a regular device with Windows 10 or higher and a head full of ideas.

P. S. Corinth is compatible with Office Mix. Xou can automatically integrate the models into your PowerPoint presentations or download a Corinth add-in directly into MS Word or PowerPoint