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Our 3D app blends technology that students love with tools that teachers use every day. Anywhere, anytime.

Used in districts and schools worldwide

Verified content for K-12 science

Corinth is advanced STEM educational software available, created with experts from the most renowned universities.

Available for standard devices and operating systems used at schools

One product, online or offline. Use our 3D app in your classroom as well as in distance learning. Anytime, anywhere. 

Web app (online) is available for PCs, whiteboards, student phones or tablets. Just log in your account and use it at your home or school

Desktop app (offline) works even when your connection is limited. Use it when you want to maximize the visual power of your device.

Engage your students with the only 3D app you'll ever need

1,500+ interactive 3D models all in one app 

Corinth has all the engaging content all in one app. Choose from 1,500+ interactive 3D models and simulations, 360° field trips, deep-zoom images, interactive videos and more. 

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Curricula and lessons with 3D

Boost your instruction with 1,000+ Next Generation Science Standards & Common Core-aligned lessons and curricula for middle school and high school science.  

*Available only in selected countries: US, UK, Australia, New Zealand

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Integrate 3D content with apps you use every day

Embed the 3D content with Microsoft 365 (Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word, and more) or Google Workspace for Education and create powerful resources in minutes. Every teacher can use it!

Share 3D content with students easily

Get students to interact with the 3D content on student devices such as smartphones, tablets, or notebooks – in classroom or distance learning. Use QR codes or students codes with no need for log-in.

Expand your lesson in Virtual and Augmented reality

All our content can be viewed in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality. Improve students' critical and creative thinking and teamwork – by letting them view 3D models and videos through VR headset.

Professional development for 3D and NGSS

Backed by teachers and experts, we developed professional development for student activation. Get inspired by our classroom resources, or use our professional development courses for NGSS. 

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Explore Professsional development for NGSS.

*Available only in selected countries: US, UK, Australia, New Zealand

Bulk installation in all devices 

Both web and desktop solutions enable mass installation and/or account activation. In any case, our tech support is happy to help. Save your teachers and IT staff their precious time! 

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Need 150 user accounts for distant learning? Or just desktop app for 3 devices? We got you covered.

“Corinth has proven to be a very useful educational tool used during classes in 24 schools of Gdynia City. It helps students to learn difficult content in a way that is attractive and easy to remember. The cooperation with the company in terms of punctuality, quality of communication, compliance of goods with the order, necessary skills in 3D app deliveries and teacher training, was good.”

Marek Łucyk

Vice-president of Gdynia, Poland

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