Virtual reality

Tap into the potential that VR offers in education. Enable students to grasp complex topics and let them see into inaccessible places or experience experiments that would be impossible in a classroom. Use VR across subjects in primary, secondary and high school.

360° experiences

3D models

Classroom resources for using VR

Take your students into space or the deep sea

You can run the Corinth app on most commercially available VR glasses. 

VR aids understanding of complex topics and contributes to better learning outcomes

Supports the development of digital competence, cognitive and social skills

Enables visualisation that would otherwise be impossible to achieve in the classroom

Easily explain invisible and abstract processes

from photosynthesis to the movement of tectonic plates

Take students to the other side of the world

to remote or otherwise inaccessible places without the travel and expense

Travel through time

and let students experience historical events

Discover the possibilities of using VR at your school

Consult with us about the possibilities and the selection of suitable hardware

We will be happy to share our experience with you and advise you on the ideal solution for your school.

Experience VR for yourself

Give your teachers the opportunity to get to know VR and experience what it looks like to use VR in schools.

Make the most of VR's potential

By combining technology and scientifically proven content, VR can take your school's learning experience to the next level. 

We'll train and support teachers right in your school

We'll guide you through the possibilities of using virtual reality in the classroom. We'll share tips and tricks from practice.

Benefit from the long-term support and training of your teachers

We organise regular webinars for Corinth users, create methodologies and other support materials.

Interested in using VR at your school?