Content for more effective learning

Corinth is the most advanced educational software on the market. It combines technology that students enjoy with tools that teachers use every day.

1,600+ STEM models and lessons

An extensive library of 3D models, learning materials, 360° experiences and microscopic zooms.

Scientifically verified content

Verified by experts from the world's top universities

Interactivity and effective learning

The use of models in education can take myriad forms - from frontal teaching to student teamwork.

Abstract and complex topics in a visual and understandable way

Scientific research and our own data show that teaching with digital 3D content is more effective and more fun.

students find lessons more enjoyable

students understand challenging material better

teachers find preparing for lessons easier

What teachers say about Corinth

Leverage tools  you already have at school

Integration with PowerPoint and Word

Using tablets, interactive whiteboards and other devices

Displaying models in virtual reality

Teacher support and development

Installation and deployment

We'll walk you through everything you need and create approaches for your teachers and students. 

Onboarding training

To ensure as many of your teachers as possible get the app right from the start, we can come in and guide them through their first use of the app.

Ongoing support for teachers

We host monthly webinars for teachers to learn how to use the models to their full potential as well as get inspiration from other colleagues.

"Corinth has contributed to my professional development as a teacher and to the personal growth of my students at the secondary vocational school."

Eva Toth

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