3D print our models

We have created a brand new product for you: 3D printable models. Now you can do more than observing the models in the application, you can also print them out on a 3D printer. It creates a unique opportunity to take some of the models into your hand and to incorporate their physical forms into your lessons. There are included models from various studying subjects such as biology, physics or geometry.

We have prepared 50 models for you. Students can print them out themselves or they can work with the ones already printed for them.

How to print 3D models in Corinth?

  1. Open the model you want to print
  2. Download the zip file 
  3. In the zip are all the materials needed for successful 3D print

Some of the models are the visual 3D representations of the real objects, others are more interactive and they can help the students to better understand certain phenomenons, e.g. cross section of the sphere. We also have the models that can be used as a geometric construction kit, if you print out multiple copies. Possibilities are endless, it is only up to you how you use the 3D printable models while creating the most fun and educational lessons for your students.

You can buy the license for 3D printable models right now and enrich your classes even more. Contact us for more information.