Discover 50 new educational models in Corinth

At Corinth, we strive to continually improve our application and come up with new content so that it remains your teaching aid of choice in both standard and distance learning. That is why we have prepared more than 40 new 3D educational models for you. Thematically, they fall into the libraries of physics, culture, animal and plant biology, geology, and one new scene in the chemistry library.

Whether you want to introduce your students to geological processes such as wind erosion or freeze thawing, explore the littlest details of different animals anatomy, or get them aknowledged with varius physical concepts, our new models will be your visual aid!

The new models are already available in the application. You can find them at the end of each given library. If you don't see the new models, make sure you have the latest version of the application installed. All of the new models will also be available in the online version of the application by the beginning of the summer.

A small sample of some of the models can be seen in the video below.