Summer news in Corinth

The second semester of the last school year was an extraordinary one in many ways. The worldwide coronavirus pandemic also affected the educational sector, forcing us to reorient to distance way of learning. In Corinth, we tried our best to make the change as easy as possible for you. We prepared a series of novelties enhancing the app and also helping you to better handle distance learning. 

Corinth running online on Lifeliqe

Soon after the closure of schools, we tried to quickly react to the ongoing situation. We managed to bring Corinth’s models on the internet, where they function on the Lifeliqe platform. Many of you have already tried the online version while distance learning. Even though students are slowly returning back to their classrooms, we decided to keep our models on the internet. This means you can use both online and offline version of Corinth during the next school year! What can you find in the online version compared to the offline one?

  • Our models available wherever you are, no need to install anything.

  • Advanced sharing options to Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom, among others.

  • Even more language options such as German, French, Spanish, etc.

More on Corinth online, its functionalities and learning activities can be found on our distance learning webpage, in recordings of webinars presented by Corinth, or in our video tutorials.

To present you with all the news, we are preparing a webinar in the second half of August, where you will be able to see them live. However, you can register already! At the same time, you can look forward to other improvements that we're still working on. For example, it will be even more interactive scenes that many of you wanted in the app. So follow our blog and social media, where we will definitely let you know about other news, and write to us how you like the existing ones. For the time being, we wish you a successful end to the school year 2019/2020, a wonderful holiday, and we look forward to working with you in the next school year!