We have a new logo and visual style!

It might have already caught your eye at one of the selected events at the end of last year, but now is the right time to present it officially and in all of its beauty. Corinth has a brand new visual identity, including a new logo. How do you like it?

Eight years after Corinth came into being, we felt that our logo did not reflect the language we wanted to speak to you. So we started working on a new visual style. We wanted to emphasize technological innovation, but also the simplicity and practicality necessary for use in teaching. To engage students, we wanted our new style to contain lightness and informality while reflecting professionalism and partnership with prestigious educational institutions. We also wanted it to reflect the experience of using the app. 

Now let the pictures speak instead of words. You will see much more the next time we meet live or in our other materials. Let us know what you reckon!