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online and offline

Corinth is compatible...

... with most modern desktop and mobile devices in your school. Learn more about the app's system requirements.

Price list

Classroom – 1 year

App version – Web/desktop*

Accounts – 20

$ 640 

School – 1 year

App version – Web/desktop*

Accounts – 400

$ 1,080

School – 5 years

App version – Web/desktop*

Accounts – 400

$ 4,350

School – Perpetual

App version – Desktop

Accounts – 400

$ 5,500


App version - Web/desktop*

Accounts – 400+

Prices include taxes/VAT

Depending on location of your school, the tax will be paid on a purchase.
*Choose your own mix of the web and desktop (Windows 10) app: e.g. 300 web app accounts + 100 desktop app devices.

Not convinced yet? 

The application is available as:

offline version (Windows 10 desktop app) for in-class use

online version (web app) for distant learning

All plans include complete interactive content and lesson plans, 24/7 technical support, help with Corinth’s integration, and extensive user training for teachers.

Offer for resellers and educational publishers

Start distribute Corinth and its content and expand your customer base. Or expand the curricular competence of your educational platform, textbook, whiteboard, or VR set by integrating our top-notch 3D models and other content.

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