Corinth Learning Journeys: Izabela Orłowska, Poland

In our next chapter of the Corinth Learning Journeys, we won’t leave the shores of the Baltic sea yet. This time, Izabela Orłowska will share her experience with using the Corinth app in her classes. Izabela is teaching biology, natural sciences and geography at the Primary school No. 8 in Gdynia, Poland.

Small wings, high flights

The name of the project, thanks to which Corinth was introduced to Izabela’s school, expresses the idea behind our app well. The mission is to give even the youngest students an instrument to diýscover amazing world of science and to learn as much as possible! Under this project, the Corinth app was purchased to the total of 23 elementary schools in Gdynia.

“Corinth is an attractive way to describe difficult content to students. (It is) attractive, because it has the ability to show the models from many different angles: from below, from the sides. You can look inside the model, enlarge it. What's more, you can use it on the multimedia table, a touchscreen device that places it very close to our students. As I have noticed, the younger the school year, the better the students get it. The app greatly facilitates explanation of the subject matter in the lessons and makes it more attractive to the students. What distinguishes it from other learning tools is definitely the physical activity - children can approach and touch the table, control the image. This significantly improves the quality of learning. There are children who learn through movement, so the application is undoubtedly a great help.” 
Izabela Orłowska

As Izabela says, the combination of the visuals of the Corinth app with the interactive tables is very effective in the lessons. Every student can come closer, touch the model, spin it, enlarge it, highlight its parts. Apart from increasing the participation of the students, it also lets their confidence grow. And what do the students think about it?

“The fascinating thing with this table is that you can bring all these things closer and see exactly what is in different cells, (or) skeletons. You can see what's inside. It is better to work with the board, because it is easier to remember.”
Students of the class 5a.

Corinth fully available in Polish

The deployment of the Corinth app to the Primary school No. 8 in Gdynia was made possible also because the app is fully translated to Polish. We are constantly adding new localizations to enable the majority of students to access our content in their native language! Currently, apart from English, you can also use our app in Czech, Polish, Slovak and Hungarian localization. Another advantage of the app is the bilingual option, which allows the users to see two different languages at the same time. Using this feature, students and teachers can easily improve their English vocabulary and learn how to describe problems with scientific terms. Additionally, a small extension of the descriptions of our models is also available in Latin, which can be useful mainly for students that want to prepare themselves for careers such as medicine, etc.

Quoted from the official website of the city Gdynia