Corinth Microsoft Educator Communities Free Online Learning Offer

Corinth is a 3D app, powered by Lifeliqe, that makes it exciting to learn science with “lifelike” content such as 3D, AR, and VR. It’s simple to share 3D models with students and use them with Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint or Word.

You may have previously known our 3D content as Lifeliqe. We’re currently re-branding, keeping the best from Lifeliqe, and adding much more, including  360° videos and more. Check the 3D model below!

We’re providing free access to Microsoft Educator Communities for the period of the school year 2022. Just sign up in the form below to access 1,500+ more 3D models.

Check out our models of the carbon cycle:

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Offer details:

  • Up to 200 accounts (including students) for one organization for the school year 2022

  • Contacts and institutions previously enrolled in Corinth’s partner offer in 2021 will be offered license limited for 3 months.

  • Corinth online app with full content.

  • Integrations to Microsoft 365, including Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word, and more.

This offer is exclusive to:

  • All Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts.

  • Microsoft Global Training Partners.

  • Microsoft Showcase Schools.

Learn more about Corinth:

  • Corinth makes it exciting to learn science with interactive 3D, AR and VR models. It makes it easy to share scientifically verified 3D content in the classroom and create engaging 3D resources for teachers and students thanks to the Microsoft 365 integrations. 
  • It allows you to reate engaging and interactive resources such as presentations, assignments, worksheets, or quizzes linked with 3D models.
  • Using Corinth makes it easier to understand science with 1,500+ interactive models in 3D, augmented and virtual reality, scientifically verified and carefully curated.
  • It will help you boost your lessons in classroom as well as remote learning.
  • Is available as online and Windwos 10 app.
  • 3D models, deep-zoom images, and 360° videos available on variety of devices including computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Integrated with Microsoft 365 / Microsoft Office, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Teams.

Learn more about our Microsoft 365 integrations: