Teacher of the year 2019 Peter Pallo works at Corinth pilot school in Slovakia

When we wrote on our blog in 2015 about the successful pilot version of Corinth in Trstená, Slovakia, we didn’t know that we will return there a few years later with congratulations. Peter Pallo, teacher of primary grades at Rudolf Dilong Elementary School, gained the prize for the best teacher in Slovakia for 2019.

Peter belongs to a group of educators who strive for making the lessons as diverse and innovative as possible and that’s the reason he decided to work with Corinth. Apart from using our app, his students can also perform practical experiments in the lessons or participate via Skype when they can’t be present in the school. In addition to the innovations, classical teaching materials such as workbooks also have a place in Peter’s lessons.

As a winner in the second year of the contest, which is part of the international award for educators Global Teacher Prize, Peter will participate in the world finals that will take place in Dubai, UAE. We will cross our fingers for Peter during the last round of the contest and also wish him well in his future pedagogical career!

Watch how Peter uses Corinth in his lessons.

There is another teacher, whose students use Corinth interactive models, that was successful in the Global Teacher Prize contest. Koen Timmers reached the top 10 in the competition. Read the article about his project, in which he employs Corinth.