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In 1 500+ interactive models, 360° videos, deep-zoom pictures, and galleries,
Corinth covers the essential STEM topics from:

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Integrate our 3D models into the virtual lab, mix them with your platform’s lessons. Or connect first-class STEM content with your biology textbook. It's up to you. See complete table of contents.

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Increase students’ engagement and in-class collaboration

97 % of students got more engaged in lessons thanks to Corinth (see our study).

Better comprehensibility of demanding topics

dynamic visual content helps 98 % of students to understand difficult STEM lessons better.

Proven by science

created with top-field experts Stanford University, The University of Tennessee, and other colleges.

Designed with K-12 curriculum in mind

Corinth’s content is approved by NGSS & Common Core standards and curated by experts from world-leading universities.

„For Aksorn, varieties of Lifeliqe’s interactive 3D models help enhance the quality of our learning media and fulfill our learning ecosystem, which is fundamental to facilitating and preparing Thai students for the future. Their interactive 3D models are also user-friendly and able to support any device in the market. They even have particular functions where you can extend its uses in many different ways. This results in the creation of more fun, yet knowledgeable classrooms nationwide.“
Yanipach Arpornsangwijit, Digital Content Development, Aksorn

Corinth provides ready-to-deploy content for e-learning, publishers, hardware OEMs and digital platforms.

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Learn how to attract new customers with top-notch 3D and XR content.

Join established digital publishers & OEMs and educate new generation better:

Our interactive 3D models are integrated part of Microsoft PowerPoint 3D library and are free to edit.

software integration

Via JWT tokens integration we have provided 100 STEM lessons with 3D to Nearpod, US based digital educational platform used by 1,2 million teachers around the world.

software integration

We’ve integrated our 3D models into GP Menco’s learning management platform through JWT tokens. Currently we’re working on lesson plans’ integration.

software integration

By incorporating 3D models via QR codes into the text, we've expanded physics and chemistry textbooks of Aksorn, a leading Thai textbooks publisher.

textbook expansion

Our 3D models have expanded the database of i3LEARNHUB, an european hybrid-teaching platform.

software integration

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