Materials for our resellers

On this page you will find all the support materials and information you need about Corinth to help you sell and support your customers. This is a hidden page for distributors only. 

Marketing materials and visual assets

For creating marketing materials you can refer to the Corinth brand manual, which includes downloadable logos, font guides, etc. You can always refer your graphic designers to this page where they will find up-to-date information and materials of the best quality.

Product catalogue

The product catalogue, usable for presentations, contains all the information for potential customers.

Complete price list

The price list includes all variants of the online and offline versions, including the option to purchase the offline version of the libraries, which we do not offer on the website.

Comparison of online and offline versions of the app

Comparison of our two versions based on available functionality.


Instructions for new users

The Corinth instruction files for new users (Onboarding materials) serve as primary guide. Within the PDF file, the user will be referred to a links to tutorials on registration or installation, connecting the application to Office, the user manual, methodologies and learning materials.

Instructions for schools with an online licence 
Instructions for schools with an offline licence 

Other tutorials

Installing the offline version of the app
Instructions for Corinth online
How to connect Corinth with Microsoft Office
How to connect Corinth with Microsoft Teams
Office Add-in  - User Guide
Installing the Microsoft Add-in for IT Admins
VR Manual

A short general tutorial on how to open Corinth models on VR glasses. Includes screenshots to guide the user through the goggles interface, VR viewer and Corinth application.

Content of the order form

To set up your license key accurately and to generate the correct invoice, we ask you to provide the following information:

  1. The official name of the end customer's organization
  2. Contact details of the organization's key person (to receive newsletters about new application features)
  3. Specification of the ordered license:
    • Online or offline solution
    • Number of accounts or devices required
    • Duration of the license
    • The libraries they are interested in (only for the offline version)

Please send orders to with a copy to

Content for teachers

Under the Classroom Resources page, teachers will find a variety of supplementary materials suitable for inspiration for teaching and lesson preparation. Teacher preparations show examples of how teachers work with Corinth in practice. The methodologies are created by our colleagues based on current trends in education and within the framework of digital competences. The Corinth blog brings news and inspiration for teaching in one place. 

Preparations from teachers
Classroom activities
Remote learning
Content library